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The OPTIFAST® Program is a medically-supervised weight loss program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being.


Typical Results At 26 Weeks1:

OPTIFAST® completed a year-long, randomized controlled study of the OPTIFAST® Program for weight loss. The results? OPTIFAST® Program generated twice as much weight loss and higher rates of clinically meaningful weight loss, versus a reduced calorie food based program.+

+Modified version of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) diet.


Approx. 30 lb

at 26 weeks1



average decrease in blood pressure2



average decrease in total cholesterol



blood glucose levels vs. baseline4


Long-Term Health


OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 30 lbs. (2x more compared to a reduced-calorie food-based+ program) and maintain approximately a 25-lb. weight loss at 1 year.1


OPTIFAST® patients maintained an average weight loss of approximately 19 lbs. after 2 years and 15 lbs. after 3 years from starting the program.5

+Modified version of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) diet.

The Weight Loss Journey

Participation in the OPTIFAST® Program includes 3 key phases designed to help patients lose weight by helping change their relationship with food and eating. Each patient receives an individual evaluation to customize the program to meet their individual needs.


During this phase, the patient will eat a diet of OPTIFAST® full meal replacement products.


Self-prepared foods are gradually reintroduced into the diet, while patients attend classes to help change the way they think about and approach food and eating.


Patients should continue to attend ongoing support sessions to help them maintain their weight loss and manage weight long-term.

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Success Stories

Check out testimonials from OPTIFAST® patients who have participated in the OPTIFAST® Program. You may discover that their stories are very similar to your own!

Canton, OH

Justin* - Canton, OH
Weight Loss: 150 lbs*

Weight Loss: 150 lbs*

“Taking control of my health has literally given me a new life. "

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Chicago, IL

Colleen* - Chicago, IL
Weight Loss: 86 lbs*

Weight Loss: 86 lbs*

“This program has allowed me to learn more about myself and accomplish things that a year ago I would not have done. "

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Scottsdale, AZ

Dianna* - Scottsdale, AZ
Weight Loss: 98 lbs*

Weight Loss: 98 lbs*

“I am stronger than I knew! "

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Anchorage, AK

Vicki* - Anchorage, AK
Weight Loss: 63 lbs*

Weight Loss: 63 lbs*

“I just wanted to feel good. I just wanted to look good. The benefits turned out to be far bigger ... "

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* The above patients are OPTIFAST® NEW YOU winners. The success stories of OPTIFAST® New You Contest winners are representative of those individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST® patients. OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26 week program typically lose approximately 30 lbs. and maintain approximately a 25 lbs. weight loss at year 1. In a separate study, OPTIFAST® patients maintained an average weight loss of approximately 19 lbs. after 2 years and a 15 lbs. after 3 years from starting the program.