OPTIFAST for Your Patients

OPTIFAST offers a clinically proven, serious solution for weight loss.1,2

At the heart of the OPTIFAST Program are portion-controlled, calorie precise, nutritionally complete OPTIFAST meal replacements that take the guesswork out of eating.

The benefits of OPTIFAST products such as our shakes, soups and bars include:

During the Active Weight Loss phase, patients consume only the OPTIFAST meal replacements. The active weight loss phase using OPTIFAST products is followed by a 4-6 week transition period during which participants gradually add self-prepared foods back to their diets. Participants move to a long-term weight management program rich in fruits and vegetables, grains and low-fat proteins. During the program they will have learned techniques to include small amounts of their favorite foods into their new healthy lifestyle.

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2. Drawert S, Bedford K, Largent D. Change in glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol with weight loss in medically obese patients [Chart]. Obes. Res. 1996; 4(SI):67S