Angela Tran, M.D.

Inspire Award Winner-Angela

Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss
Denver, CO

After providing hundreds of patients with medications for hypertension and diabetes, Dr. Tran knew that she wanted to help patients radically turn their lives around instead of offering short-term solutions.

With the goal of motivating patients to believe in themselves, lose weight, change their lives and get off those medications she had been prescribing for years, Dr. Tran created Med-Fit in 2012. Med-Fit is a medical weight loss clinic located in Denver, Colorado, that offers the OPTIFAST Program and a fitness program tailor-made for each patient.

Dr. Tran said that the best part of her job is: “seeing patients accomplish something they thought was impossible. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to show them what they can achieve.” Her personal mantra, which she shares to motivate her patients is: “Stop looking outside for the answers. Look inside. The answer is you.”

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