Madeline Denlinger, R.N., B.S.N., M.P.A.

Inspire Award Winner-Madeline

Center for Advanced Weight Loss
Flemington, NJ

Madeline began her weight loss journey in her late adolescence when she made the decision to be thin and healthy—but, it was no easy task. Like many of her patients, Madeline did not develop a healthy relationship with food until she completed the OPTIFAST program. In addition to seeing her patients regain control of their lives and health, Madeline can personally attest to the program via her personal weight loss journey. In this way, she serves as a true role model of the lifestyle needed to maintain weight loss.

"Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Madeline has been in the same shoes and is open and honest about the struggles she experienced when she was on OPTIFAST ... Madeline is a champion for those who struggle with their weight and want to live a better life," a client wrote in a journal entry in May 2014.

"For me, the OPTIFAST program has not only helped change the lives of many or our clients, but has created an opportunity for me to find true joy in my own life and career," Madeline said.

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