"New You" Contest Winners

Be inspired — meet our 2015 “New You” Contest Winners!

New You Weight Loss Contest Winner-Emily

Emily from Lombard, IL
Weight Lost as of 7/2015: 59 lbs*
A longtime member of the “yo-yo” dieting club, Emily has been in constant battle with her weight since grade school. In her early thirties, a string of hardships led her to become complacent about weight loss management.
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New You Weight Loss Contest Winner-Loran

Loran from San Francisco, CA
Weight Lost as of 7/2015: 100 lbs*
A physical therapist for more than a decade, Loran is a strong believer in the link between physical activity and emotional well-being. Active for as long as she can remember, Loran played soccer and swam competitively in college, so it came as a surprise when her weight hit an all-time high following the death of her father.
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New You Weight Loss Contest Winner-Tawni

Tawni from Atlanta, GA
Weight Lost as of 7/2015: 144 lbs*
Less than a year ago, Tawni’s 5’3” frame carried a burdensome 324 pounds. A walk up three steps of stairs left her breathless. Thirty years of horrendous dietary habits had finally caught up with Tawni and she was ready to get on the right path.
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*The success stories of these OPTIFAST New You Contest winners are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST patients. OPTIFAST patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds.