Abby and Mark

OPTIFAST Success Stories-Abby and Mark

Abby's Weight Lost as of 6/2011: 47 pounds*
Mark's Weight Lost as of 6/2011: 66 pounds*

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST patients. The typical OPTIFAST patient loses over 50 pounds in 18-24 weeks. For many dieters, weight loss is only temporary.

I was about to become a married woman and in just four months I’d put on 15 pounds. No bride wants to be “fat” on her wedding day. I was obese. But I was determined to lose enough weight to get healthy and allow me to look back at my wedding photos with fondness and pride.

My weight loss journey started in 2010 when my husband, Mark, was reviewing lab results from a doctor’s visit. It was on the clinic’s website that I first saw information about the OPTIFAST Program. I’d known for a long time that I needed to lose weight, but was really overwhelmed by the idea of weight loss and the quantity of weight I needed to lose. I didn’t even know where to begin, but the OPTIFAST Program made it look simple.

Within a week I was participating in a weight management class at Kaiser Permanente Elk Grove with my soon-to-be husband right beside me – although just for moral support at first. Soon enough he was taking part too and today he's lost more weight than anyone in our class. He looks great and for the first time, I can finally put my arms around him!

Our medical team was amazing, but having my partner with me throughout the OPTIFAST Program really encouraged me to keep going even when it was tough. For sixteen weeks we ate six meals a day consisting of OPTIFAST shakes, soups and bars and did light exercise a few days a week. It really was as simple as it looked. In fact, the hardest part was actually getting the six meals in. We are both registered nurses and sometimes it would be, “Go! Go! Go!” all the time. But we got into the groove soon enough and watching the weight disappear was worth every moment of sacrifice.

Now that we’ve been through the program, maintaining a healthier lifestyle is much easier. The Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management Program, OPTIFAST and our medical support team allowed us to reach a healthy weight and use that as a jumping off point to pursue a better life together.

We used to never tell people how much we weighed, but now we get excited about sharing our success because we’re proud of how much we’ve accomplished. Now Mark’s training for a marathon and I’ve decided to join him. For us it’s about more than just crossing the finish line of the race; it’s the next step in a new and healthy life!

Most importantly, we want to be around and healthy when we have grandkids someday. Knowing the odds are now in our favor reassures us as we embark on our journey together as a married couple.