New You Contest Winner-James

Fletcher, NC
Weight Lost as of 2/2011: 119lbs*

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST patients. The typical OPTIFAST patient loses over 50 pounds in 18-24 weeks. For many dieters, weight loss is only temporary.

It wasn’t until James saw a photo of himself in the church directory that he realized how big he had become. So big that he decided in that moment that he had to make a change. After carefully considering all of his options, he ultimately chose the OPTIFAST Program to help with his weight loss transformation.

At the start of the program James was taking 13 medications daily, suffered from sleep apnea and severe back pain and had both of his knees replaced due to the stress to his joints. Today he is 110 pounds lighter,* no longer has sleep apnea, has drastically reduced the number of daily medications and actually enjoys exercising! He wants everyone to know that it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and that “you can teach an old dog new tricks.”