New You Contest Winner-Jorge

Sacramento, CA
Weight Lost as of 6/2013: 94lbs*

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST patients. The typical OPTIFAST patient loses over 50 pounds in 18-24 weeks. For many dieters, weight loss is only temporary.

All his life Jorge struggled with his weight. But when he learned he was facing hypertension, sleep apnea and blood sugar levels bordering diabetes, he knew that something had to change.

Weighing 278 pounds and learning that he had several chronic weight-related conditions, Jorge began the OPTIFAST Program to help him “reboot” and form healthy lifestyle habits that would ensure a long, happy life. Jorge has lost 94 pounds, 33 percent of his body weight on the OPTIFAST Program*.

Since then, Jorge has built on his new, healthy life and recently rode solo cross-country on a motorcycle. Riding from Florida to California, Jorge used the habits he learned in the OPTIFAST Program to keep him on track. He said, “I’m now at a weight below what I ever thought I could achieve. I seek out activities I would have never thought I’d be able to do, and I enjoy them!”