Patient Journey

For the typical OPTIFAST patient, the journey to long-term weight management consists of three Program phases – an Active Weight Loss Phase, a Transition Phase and a Long-Term Weight Management Phase. Before you enter the OPTIFAST Program, you’ll receive an initial evaluation to determine if it’s right for you. Once you begin, you’ll progress through the three Program phases:

Active Weight Loss Phase

During the 12-week Active Weight Loss Phase, you’ll use an OPTIFAST full meal replacement diet and receive weekly medical monitoring. In addition, you’ll attend weekly group sessions under the care of a behaviorist, registered dietitian and/or exercise specialist.

Transition Phase

During the 6-week Transition Phase, you’ll transition to regular foods and continue to participate in weekly group sessions.

Long-Term Weight Management Phase

The Long-Term Weight Management Phase is ongoing, and usually includes partial OPTIFAST meal replacement and partial regular food, as well as ongoing support.

OPTIFAST Program Phases
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