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Weight Loss and You

About one-third (33.8%) of adults in the United States are obese, nearly double the obese population just 25 years ago, making obesity one of the most prevalent disorders of the 21st century.1

The extra weight associated with obesity can cause a multitude of adverse side effects on the body, including dramatically increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Often, those with obesity suffer more than one health effect, creating a situation that can shorten life span and negatively impact quality of life. Obesity also has financial implications, and obesity-related medical costs include sick-leave, loss in productivity, and excess healthcare costs.

Weight loss may significantly decrease the severity of and risk factors for obesity-related diseases. Obesity is not defined by a single cause, but rather a range of contributing factors, including energy imbalance, genetics, inactive lifestyle, lack of sleep, health conditions, medicines, age, and emotional factors. The OPTIFAST Program succeeds because it treats the whole patient, focusing on more than just weight. Our goal is to provide patients with expert resources to address, modify and support lifestyle, behavior and diet decisions.

Reasons to Lose Weight

Nearly two thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. It’s not about how you look: It's about your health. Being overweight or obese can affect your basic health and quality of life. It can:

In fact, the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to be faced with obesity-related health risks. That's why bringing your weight down is so important: it can help lower your chances of developing certain health problems, and even help you manage some conditions you already have. If your BMI, or Body Mass Index, measures 30 or more, losing even some of the excess weight with OPTIFAST can make a difference in your life.

"Medically Significant" weight loss — as low as 5% to 10% of your total weight — can have a measurable positive impact on your health. So, take a step in the right direction today!

Health Risks Associated with Excess Weight2

First, learn more about the effect your BMI can have on your health when it comes to:

High Blood Pressure Gallbladder Disease
High Cholesterol Fertility or Pregnancy Issues
Metabolic Syndrome Joint Problems and Osteoarthritis
Type 2 Diabetes Sleep Apnea and Other Breathing Problems
Coronary Heart Disease Some Cancers
Stroke Other Health Issues

Then, learn what you can do about it. Remember, all of these conditions have two things in common:

...and you can do it! Remember, you're not alone. You can get the help you need from OPTIFAST — and you have the example of many others who have faced similar challenges and learned to manage their weight and live healthier lives.

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