Get Proper Lifestyle and Nutrition Education | OPTIFAST

Learning to modify your eating habits and implement a healthier lifestyle is an important component of the OPTIFAST® program. A multi-disciplinary team along with the Lifestyle Education SeriesTM (LES) educational modules will help you relearn how to approach food and eating. The OPTIFAST® program will help you understand the emotional and psychological triggers that prompted you to overeat and gain weight. By understanding those triggers, you can focus on creating short- and long-term strategies to manage them, avoid pitfalls, and implement healthier behaviors.

The OPTIFAST® program will help you develop the strategies and behaviors to effectively implement a long-term lifestyle change. You will receive regular counseling on relevant topics such as understanding nutrients, shopping and cooking healthier, eating out, how to stay active, mindful eating, and stress management among others to help you manage your weight long-term.