Medically Monitored Weight Loss Program | OPTIFAST

Different than many other weight loss solutions, OPTIFAST® is a medically-supervised weight-loss program that closely monitors and assesses your progress towards better health and well-being as you lose weight. During your journey with OPTIFAST®, your team of health care professionals will work to ensure that the medications you are taking, and/or the calorie level of your diet are adjusted accordingly, making your weight loss both safe and effective.

OPTIFAST®’s medical monitoring includes:

  • A thorough preliminary medical examination and any necessary lab tests to determine your health status and identify risk factors
  • A personalized weight loss plan based on your health status and weight loss goals
  • Continued guidance and medical monitoring of your progress, health, and well-being throughout the program treatment
  • Communication with your primary care physician, as necessary

Clinical guidelines suggest medically-monitored weight-management programs are safe, effective, and help individuals address and modify behaviors to encourage long-term weight management.1