Personalized Weight Loss Counseling and Support | OPTIFAST

The OPTIFAST® program goes beyond the typical weight-loss diet. To help ensure your long-term weight loss success, OPTIFAST® clinics provide personal weight loss counseling and support, as well as lifestyle education, throughout the program. Some of the features include:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions with a physician, registered dietitian, or lifestyle counselor
  • Small group discussions led by a healthcare professional
  • Peer support from current and past OPTIFAST® participants
  • Educational materials created especially for OPTIFAST® patients
  • Customized activity plans appropriate to your fitness level and schedule

OPTIFAST® healthcare professionals understand the challenges overweight individuals face as they become active. That’s why they partner with you to make the transition to healthy, active living. 

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My Journey Support Tool

MY JOURNEY™ is a personalized online weight management companion exclusively for OPTIFAST® patients