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OPTIFAST® Success Stories

Weight Lost

88 lbs*

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Success Stories


Maxine had an accident more than 20 years ago, which left her physically limited, including limiting her ability to walk. Over the years, she became more and more sedentary and gained over 100 pounds. She went to her doctor sick, depressed, and desperate with multiple health issues. When her doctor finally found the right combinations of treatments, she slowly began to get well and was finally ready and able to address her weight gain. After attending an orientation on the OPTIFAST® program in September 2015 at a local clinic, Maxine signed up and proceeded to make profound lifestyle changes, leading to weight loss.

To date, she has lost 88 pounds! * She has done this by following the OPTIFAST® Program recommendations exactly, and does not give herself "off days" from the program. This includes the OPTIFAST® products, meal planning, tracking calories, attending a weekly support group, and 60 minutes of exercise every day. At first, walking around the block was a huge accomplishment for Maxine. Now, she is able to regularly exercise every day!

“I have been able to do more and more activities. My “lunchtime walks” are a social media sensation! The fact that I can walk 2-5 miles every day is a miracle! The one experience that I am most proud of is that I can now volunteer on Saturdays at an Equine Therapy Horse Ranch for children with special needs, just north of San Francisco. I was not physically able to do these kinds of activities in the past. I am so grateful for my doctors and the OPTIFAST® Program. I feel like I have gotten my life back, I am grateful to be of service to others, and I am just beginning!”

Weight Lost

53 lbs*

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Success Stories


Monica’s first body conscious memories were in elementary school. She developed early and the attention she received made her very uncomfortable. Feeling vulnerable, she became withdrawn, and began putting on weight as a protective barrier. Seeing herself as “damaged goods,” her self-deprecating behavior followed her throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

Finally feeling the need to come to terms with the abuse and emotional baggage that she carried with her for so many years, on August 15, 2016, Monica walked into Alaska Premier Health's office for a weight loss consultation. She was ready to deal with her low self-esteem issues associated with being overweight.

Monica was introduced to a counselor who told her about the OPTIFAST® program, and on August 26, 2016, she officially started her OPTIFAST® weight loss journey! Nearly one year later and a 53-pound* weight loss, the OPTIFAST® program journey she has travelled has, not only changed her physically, but also emotionally. For many years, Monica hid behind her excess weight for protection, and she is now finally able to forgive her emotionally scarred inner child.

“I LOVE MYSELF! I see things, people, and events much differently than I ever have. No longer do I say, “I wish I could” but instead say, “I CAN” to life. To celebrate her weight loss success, Monica chopped her long locks off and dyed her hair blonde. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the cut was liberating in more ways than one. “The hair that fell to the floor represented the last remnants of my former self. Immediately a weight was lifted and my self-confidence as a woman, survivor, and fighter, rose through the roof! Not only do I have the body I never thought I could; I have the “badass” hairstyle I never dreamed I could wear! I’m a 2.0 version of myself and contribute it to what the OPTIFAST® program has done for me. I KNOW my self-worth and value!”

Weight Lost

80 lbs*

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Success Stories


One year ago, Rob was the stereotypical IT guy, overweight and sitting in a chair all day. He was 31-years old, 406 pounds, and unhappy with his life. Rob had hit a personal low as his weight continued to increase. During a trip to Boston with friends, he came to the realization that his weight was holding him back. In pain, tired, and isolated, he made the decision to start the OPTIFAST® program. His goals were to reset his relationship with food and his body, and to jumpstart his weight loss with the help of experienced professionals.

With the help of classes and staff counseling at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, Rob has learned not only about eating right, but how to avoid the pitfalls that caused him to gain weight. His confidence and self-image began to improve as the weight came off.

Rob says that even though it sounds like a cliché, he has gained a new lease on life since losing the weight. Because of his 80-pound* weight loss, the things that Rob was never able to do in the past are now easy for him.

“I’ve always enjoyed travelling, but now I can fit comfortably in a single airplane seat. I’m able to keep up with friends when walking around town and sightseeing. I take the stairs each day at work rather than the elevator, I have taken up kickboxing, and I ride a bike in my spare time. I have improved my relationship with my family and found happiness in new love. Each of these areas of my life wouldn’t have been possible a year ago. Losing the weight has been the biggest challenge in my life, but has also been the greatest blessing. The OPTIFAST®program gave me a second chance at life, as well as a huge confidence boost that helped me reset myself for a better life.”

*The success stories of these OPTIFAST® New You Contest winners are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST® patients. OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight loss related improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.