Maxine | San Francisco, CA

Weight Loss: 88 lbs*

I have been able to do more and more activities. My “lunchtime walks” are a social media sensation! The fact that I can walk 2-5 miles every day is a miracle!
- OPTIFAST® New You Winner

Maxine had an accident more than 20 years ago, which left her physically limited, including limiting her ability to walk. Over the years, she became more and more sedentary and gained over 100 pounds. She went to her doctor sick, depressed, and desperate with multiple health issues. When her doctor finally found the right combinations of treatments, she slowly began to get well and was finally ready and able to address her weight gain. After attending an orientation on the OPTIFAST® program in September 2015 at a local clinic, Maxine signed up and proceeded to make profound lifestyle changes, leading to weight loss.

She has lost 88 pounds! * She has done this by following the OPTIFAST® Program recommendations exactly, and does not give herself "off days" from the program. This includes the OPTIFAST® products, meal planning, tracking calories, attending a weekly support group, and 60 minutes of exercise every day. At first, walking around the block was a huge accomplishment for Maxine. Now, she is able to regularly exercise every day!


*The success stories of OPTIFAST® New You Contest winners are representative of those individuals only and do not represent all OPTIFAST® patients. OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 30 lbs. and maintained approximately a 25-lb. weight loss at 1 year. In a separate study, OPTIFAST® patients maintained an average weight loss of approximately 19 lbs. after 2 years and 15 lbs. after 3 years from starting the program.

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OPTIFAST® studies have shown an average weight loss of approximately 30 lbs. at 26 weeks, 25 lbs. at 1 year, 19 lbs. after 2 years, and 15 lbs. after 3 years from starting the program.1,2

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